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This occurs when your father, or another man, or woman with a dildo, or your mum with a dildo, entered your mothers vagina while she was pregnant with you which led to the impression of the penis/dildo being left in your soft skull. This then becomes a feature of your skull. It can be useful for storing food or as a flower vase.
'Look at that big whole in his head mummy'
'Don't stare, hes got cok in de head syndrome'
by manofmanysides December 15, 2005
Contrary to popular belief this is not a derogatory term but an object used by prostitutes. It is used to inefficiently and unhygieneically clean their vaginas between sex with different customers. It is generally a dirty looking towel or some newspaper that you wouldnt wanna touch with a barge pole (this is a very very very long pole)
'Ah crap I got it running out and down my legs'
'Here use my slutrag'
by manofmanysides December 18, 2005
1. To make something more complicated and less simple.
2. The opposite of simplify.
3. To pointlessly make something harder to understand
4. To dramatically increase the difficulty of something for no good or apparent reason
wow, that really complifies things!
There is no need to complify things
by manofmanysides September 05, 2005
This term will help those familiar with table football, or foos as it is more commonly know, to name a common injury. The injury occurs while rolling a rod up your wrist and forearm. It leads to red marks and eventual bruising and in some extreme cases can lead to your hand swelling up, thus fat hand.
'wow that hand looks swollen'
'yeah i got some serious fat hand dude'
by manofmanysides February 12, 2008
1. To have a penis inserted into one's anus.

2. To be fu*ked in the ass

Commonly associated with other slaggy practices such as sleeping with housemates without even knowing it
"wow, the internet really is broken"
"Yeah, it's totally anya'ed"
by manofmanysides February 12, 2012

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