Incapable of accomplishing simple tasks.
My service is comcastic - that is to say they put down the wrong name, didn't show up, and made me wait an extra week to be connected.
by Truxen July 21, 2006
Top Definition
Adjective meaning really, really shitty.
I'm trying to get my internet and cable to work and Comcast just put me on hold for the fourth time. It's comcastic.
by Leah hates you all February 12, 2006
Adjective. Branded, descriptive term meaning lame or weak in such a way as to be on the boundaries of imagination.
Did you see that movie man? It really sucked!

Yeah! It was comcastic!
by Buckminster Reed November 04, 2005
An adjective attempting to express the seemingly beautiful nature of an object or service, ultimately representing the epitome of broken dreams and false promises.
We had a six pack and freshly microwaved nachos, everything was ready to go. The Sopranos' finale was about to come on, when the cable went all comcastic again.
by g.sus May 29, 2006
Paying for a service but not actually receiving it.
EXAMPLE A: Person 1: Man, the movie channels don't work again!
Person 2: Duh, they're comcastic.

EXAMPLE B: I paid this girl 40 bucks to go down on me, but she took the money and ran. On her way out, I screamed at her, "Bitch, you are comcastic!"
by comcast lover April 20, 2008
The act of slowly killing a customer through mental anguish by preempting programming with worthless low-quality local programming under the guise of "community service", missed service appointments, blaming the customer's wiring or gear, and horrible HD lineups and picture quality.
1. This f-ing jacked up picture on my $10,000 TV is totally comcastic.
2. I feel I'm being comcastic'd up my backside by that freaking cable company.
by El Defino November 11, 2006
Describes something that is not merely horribly, horribly bad, but actively offensive in some universal way. The worst possible kind of idea that a human being can conceive.
I predict that in the next Comcast commercial, Adolf Hitler will be shilling products at a synagogue. That's Comcastic!
by carpainterly May 14, 2007
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