A sweet , great heated, shy guy but underneath is open minded. He lets every little thought get to him about if he likes this girl or if he should be dating this girl. Also has a passion for old school music and interments. Hes kinda and always sweet. If you have a Collin keep a hold of him you may not get another!!!
girl: Oh Collin seems so shy.
her best friend : yeah but hes so sweet we use to go out.
by im a pimp July 01, 2014
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To be slightly intoxicated while sleeping with an unattractive woman. Then to later explain that you were heavily intoxicated and didn't remember what happened.
Dude, I can't believe you slept with that chick that night, she was so fat and pissed herself on the couch.

Dude, I was so collins'ed I don't even remember.

by jason "party" collins August 08, 2007
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The name of a very good looking guy, who will always be there for his friends, but once you fall for him he'll act like nothing ever happened. He won't give you a straight answer, even if he does like you back. He's a total chick magnet, but a horrible flirter. Once he gets a girlfriend, he starts acting a little different towards his best girl friend, because he cares about his new relationship too much to risk jealousy. But none the less, he's a truly amazing guy, that you know will always be there for you through thick or thin.
"See Zack over there? Yeah, hes got the ladies all over him. Even his best girl likes him. He's acting like SUCH a Collin."
by JustSomeoneHere January 09, 2012
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An ignorant ape that originated in Nigeria. Practically denies every statement you make. Is a lesbian 10 year old weeb. Doesn't understand sexual jokes and is completely oblivious to his surroundings. Also is very religious.
The Collin was banished from his friends because he doesn't understand what the hell is happening.
via giphy
by Ape Master November 09, 2016
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Collins are good friends and boyfriends bucause they understand you and give you good advice. They are normally quite tall and skinny tho they may not realise. Collins are very rare and extremely hard to find but trust me, if you find one, keep him safe and listen to him, because if you listen to him, he will listen back and give you good advice when he can.
Leah: hey Collins i have a worry.

Collins: what is it?...
from then on he will listen and help here and there.
by leah x turner December 27, 2016
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A very, very deceptively alcoholic cocktail that is can be concocted quite feasibly with cheap vodka but also works excellently with a more high-class vodka such as Absolut and Absolut Citron. Yummy.

The basis of this cocktail is lemon, and the cocktail itself is made by grabbing a big, tall glass and filling it with ice. (You've gotta have it chilled baby!) Then, you squeeze a whole load of Lemons into the bottom of the glass, adding a tonne of Vodka, Lemonade, and topping off with a Lemon Slice. So, basically, it's gonna get you destroyed because you can't even taste the Vodka in it.

What happens is that you drink one, and that's already two shots of Vodka right there, but you can't taste it, so you have a couple more, you still fell OK, so you end up having five Collins, and then when you try to leave, oh, you can't feel your legs. Oops.

Revered in many circles because, even though real men are supposed to drink Budweiser and other generic Lagers, a Collins is much more impressive as a measure of how much alcohol you can handle.
1. "What are you drinking tonight Mikey? Beer, like a real man?"
"Er...No. I think I'm on the Collins' tonight. Yeah, Lemon-fresh."
"Good GOD!!"

2.(after 5 Collins')..."Come on Toni, I've got the munchies, time to go."
"Yeah...(mumbles)... cooooo...BANG!(Falls on floor.)"

3. "What the hell are you doing with that Tesco Value Vodka?"
"Making Collins'."
by Aaron R. Bourn November 23, 2005
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An invisible creature that lives only on the steps of stairs. They look like cylinders with a smiley face on the top. Everytime someone steps on the face of a collin, they sink into their collin-holes and let out a soft "COLLIN"
They exist on all the steps. They are invisible. They can migrate but only at a pace of 1cm per year. You cannot see Collins
by poh-2805 July 10, 2008
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