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Meaning a person with orange/red hair
Even though discriminated by most,
They will eventually overthrow the earth and any other hair colour will be obliterated.
Fat Brown/Black/Blonde Haired man: OI you fuckin' ginger cunt!
Ginger Cunt: Remind your wife to give me my underpants back.
by ßd April 21, 2007
This has nothing to do with red haired men with little dick's. They dont exist. 7 inches is their minimum. As for the women we are as sweet as they come. Most people will never find this out or see the true passion red heads possess because they wont go for the heart first.
This includes all the ginger cunts and gents I know.
by KathyB November 06, 2006
This is what you call an orange cat that is an annoyance.

Also used for annoying red haired women.
This cat shit on the floor it is being a total ginger cunt today!


This chick at work has a stick up her ass, she is such a ginger cunt.
by Tiger blooded winner March 02, 2011
This is a ginger haired person who thinks they know it all - but everything they touch goes wrong. Hated by all,knob head, always moaning.This person is usually insecure, probably with a very small penis and a massive chip on their shoulder.
When missing out on your round in the pub you are to be known as a "ginger cunt".
by gerber1000 September 29, 2006
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