A man of many faces. His penis is only 7 inches; soft. If your a virgin stay away he will change that fast. After that he is a magical musician and his songs make all woman wet at the sound of the well placed melodies. the only flaw is he gets to much pussy and he lasts so long all the woman get friction burns in there vagina's and get admitted to the hospital from his love making.

He once killed a women from his pleasurable dick.
Girl 1; I had a collin last night
Girl 2; Oh...how long were you bedridden
Girl 1; only three days this time, i heard suzie was bedridden for a whole week. She still cant walk without orgasming
by Olivia1214556633 December 13, 2011
This is a name that describes a boy. This boy is cute, funny, and mysterious. Lots of Collins reserve themselves unless you've known them for a long time. Very good looking as well. Extremely intelligent too!
Girl 1: OMG look at Collin! He's so cute!
Girl 2: I think he's rather mysterious and quiet.
by MSC180 February 22, 2015
The most severe type of AIDS, administered by Chris Collins
"I don't have much time left guys, I had a one nighter with Chris Collins"
by RobertMugabe21 February 12, 2012
A very sexy person. He's the greatest guy you'll meet. He's pretty much defined as a chick magnet he has big penis
Hot girl1: I want that Collin!
Hot girl2: No way! I already asked him out and he said yes
by bray bray August 31, 2015
A sweet , great heated, shy guy but underneath is open minded. He lets every little thought get to him about if he likes this girl or if he should be dating this girl. Also has a passion for old school music and interments. Hes kinda and always sweet. If you have a Collin keep a hold of him you may not get another!!!
girl: Oh Collin seems so shy.
her best friend : yeah but hes so sweet we use to go out.
by im a pimp July 01, 2014
He is a hilarious person,he is usually tall,athletic and can gives very good advise when needed. People see him as a motivator and a, outgoing person. When someone needs help he is the first person they call. He can give good relationship advise even though he might have problems of his own. He will always be there whenever you need him and always has your back. One more thing,his dick is pretty big,"big feet means big meat"
Wow,Collins just stole your girl bro!

I need to ask Collins for advise.

Collins definitely needs to come to the party!
by afroman1301 February 21, 2012
The name of a very good looking guy, who will always be there for his friends, but once you fall for him he'll act like nothing ever happened. He won't give you a straight answer, even if he does like you back. He's a total chick magnet, but a horrible flirter. Once he gets a girlfriend, he starts acting a little different towards his best girl friend, because he cares about his new relationship too much to risk jealousy. But none the less, he's a truly amazing guy, that you know will always be there for you through thick or thin.
"See Zack over there? Yeah, hes got the ladies all over him. Even his best girl likes him. He's acting like SUCH a Collin."
by JustSomeoneHere January 09, 2012
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