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A drink or a snorting drug.
I snorted som coke after I drank some coke.
by AAA March 16, 2005
The drug that kids and teenagers use to relieve themselves from the boredom of adult drugs.
The kids drank coke whilst making INTELLIGENT conversation,while the adults messed about drinking beer and telling stupid jokes.
by SomeoneNew August 14, 2011
Always better than devil juice (pepsi)
bleugh!!!! pepsi!!! MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! coke!!
by Shortman October 06, 2004
If two people write the same thing at the same time, the first one to notice can claim a coke off the other one.

However, disputes arise to whether said comments are effectively "identical".
Bob: Is anyone going out for lunch today?
Jane: Nope
Mary: Nah
Jane: Coke!
by Slave Khaki Shirt June 09, 2010
The beautiful hoochie-coochie that I snort up my nose on saturday nights with Blee.
God Damn! Das some good Hooch! Hey Blee, wanna......?
by Prof. Bleesome December 14, 2003
the scourge of the septum
now i've only got one nostril i can snort coke through lead piping
by too fast to live, too young to die September 23, 2003
1. My second favorite drug, next to meth
2. A popular soft drink
1. That is one FAT line!
2. Can i have a sip of your coke?
by Skylar October 25, 2003