Coke formerly a beverage term this word now works the same as telling someone to chill out, shut up or calm down.
This use is thus far only common to portions of southern Ilinois and Saint Louis, Missouri. However it is steadily spreading.
Someone is being loud and obnoxious and you want them to stop. Simply say "Coke" in a fitting tone.
by Nathan Voelker & Drew Fitch October 03, 2004
The sweet mana of heaven.
I'd sad, I'm hurt, only a drink of Coke will heal me.
by Gopi D. January 14, 2004
1. see coca-cola
2. Cocaine
man i got some coke lets blow this joint and get high!
by Coca October 23, 2003
A white powder, usually sniffed up the nostril in lines. The high is much longer than crystals which are only a few minutes.
I snuffed two lines last night.
by pro-nun-see-A-shun September 10, 2003
1) The caloric version of that manna from the gods, diet coke.

2) Nasty tasting when compared to diet coke, but still a shit load better than pepsi.
"Do you want a coke with that?"
"do you have diet coke?"
"no, but we have pepsi."
"uh, hell no. I'll take the coke."
by thatgirl June 28, 2004
1. A drug, of course.

2. The flagship drink of the evil Southern empire "Coca Cola". Consumed to no end by uneducated hicks who wonder why all their teeth have rotted away by their mid-20s even though they drink like 10 gallons of the sugary shit every fucking day.
1. *snorts some coke* "Man, that was some good coke I just snorted."


Redneck who lives in a trailer, and has no teeth: "Hey thar, yall wanna coke?"

Anyone with good taste and a brain: "No thank you, kind sir. I prefer the superior taste and quality of Pepsi."
by Olshan November 16, 2007
Superior to Pepsi when in a bottle, inferior to Pepsi when in a can.
People that hate Pepsi but love coke should be shot, because they're not different enough for you to be able to care that much.
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 07, 2004

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