Superior to Pepsi when in a bottle, inferior to Pepsi when in a can.
People that hate Pepsi but love coke should be shot, because they're not different enough for you to be able to care that much.
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 07, 2004
Daryl Erin's last name.
"Oh you know the party has started when Daryl Coke enters the party"
by Savannah Mills January 03, 2008
shits fuckin awesome, cant sleep? fuck it, snort sum more dis llelo shit nig
dam i couldnt sleep for days after doin all that coke, so i jus kept snortin lines of that shit
by original gansgta white October 14, 2005
a drink that is MUCH better than wordPepsiword
Can i have a Coke, pepsi makes me throat bleed.
by rekcuf October 02, 2003
Another word for pure carbon
Used by chemists, means same as Carbon
by Kyle March 25, 2005
1: an unbelevably addictin drink
2: somethin that lets you drown out school
3: dude, i'm hi.... oops that goes down there
1:you dude. fkdjfklsjlk. this is dirty, i gotta kik this habbit. coke has ruined my life. hey, pass me that can of coke.

2: finally! of f**k, i'm still IN sschool, i'm screwed!

by sgoogie August 14, 2004
Cocain,pot,mary janes....Brian Levy.
*Caution* do not drink.
I got 2 cartons of
by Paul C April 23, 2003

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