Modified coal used in steel making.
Coke is a black substance that you cannot snort.
by Marky April 29, 2003
1. Any soda pop, a catch all slang term for carbonated drinks in general. Only fails to apply to Pepsi due to fierce product rivalry.
2. The actual product Coke a Cola.
3. Cocaine.
1. (assuming the person is holding a Dr. Pepper.) Hello friend might I have a sip of your coke?
2. (assuming they are holding Coke) Hello friend might I have a sip of your coke?
3. yo bitch might I have a snort of your coke?
by James Belvins February 20, 2007
Extremely thick-lensed eyeglasses, commonly worn by nerdy, socially awkward people. If you look straight at someone who is wearing cokes, it appears as if their eyes are either larger or way smaller than they actually are. This is due to light refraction through the deep glass. Popular in decades past, eyeglass technology has come far enough that no one needs to be subjected to it anymore.
"Carl wore the worst cokes i've ever seen. He was really bad."
"I can't keep a straight face when looking at our science teacher, man, she's got cokes like it ain't no joke!"
"I feel kinda bad about it now, but when i was fighting with Sid i hit him hard in the eye and broke his cokes."
by Larry The Bus Driver November 03, 2006
1. A remade steel product that is baaad to snort.
2. An illigal drug that brazillians take like sugar!
3. Short hand for coka-cola.
1. Whats that black round you nose?
2.Permite resfôlego algum cocaína!!
3. I tried to snort coke the other day, i got a ice cube stuck up my nose.
by GIGGLES May 03, 2005
an overly used word by the rapper Fat Joe
Holly shit so much coke a nigga had to shovel it
So much coke a nigga change his government
Now we can all sing along for the f**k of it
Crack crack crack crack
by BrandonF May 06, 2008
1) a popular soda that got its name from the drug that was put in it when it was first made: cocaine. Nowadays, the soda has no drugs in it, so any one can safely drink it. Is apparently at "competition" with pepsi, but both are pretty much the same.
2) short for cocaine
3) a fuel/type of carbon
1) customer-"may i have some coke?"
waiter-"we don't have any. how about pepsi?"
2) coke is commonly used in drug-dealing
3) my car ran effeciently off that coke
by this website is ruined January 16, 2006
A tasty beverage loaded with Caffeine and Sugar to keep you energized.
Johnny loves drinking his Coke and playing World of Warcraft (TM).
by Stiggmata August 25, 2009

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