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1. Hard arse stimulant. White powder derived from the Coca plant, native of Sth. America. Very expensive but in small quantities is a fine buzz...

2. Short for Coca Cola - essence of American capitalist pigdog. Made from bumsweat and sugar.
by schteve April 01, 2003
451 326
1.What kept Tony Montana standing in the last 10 minutes of "Scarface."

2.Warm, its the best rust remover on the planet. (Put a little Coke in a cup and put a nail or small piece of sandwich meat on top. In the morning, meat is gone, wipe off rust.)

3. More popular than you think. I mean cocaine.
I'd like the blue jeans,right? With my name, written on the back of chick's asses.
by FrankC March 17, 2004
225 136
Always available at bars, both over the counter as a soft drink or mixer and everywhere from the guest lounge to the toilets.

Often the word media or media bar means coke freindly, due to the common opinion that any person working in the media profession is a coke user.
Man at bar: "Vodka and coke please, barkeep".
Barman "Do you want ice in that?"

Man at bar: "Gram of coke my good man."
Tense guy: "We ain't got any. You want ice instead?"
by dj_monged August 14, 2004
137 77
The white powder that I like to sniff up my nose.
Mmm that coke is good.
by WyndX April 14, 2003
97 61
the far superior to pepsi. i admit there are too many variations of coke now however the original can still own pepsi.
coke is the nectar of life needed for existence. it also used 2 contain cocaine and may still do as it is so addictive and beautiful. why have women when u can have a nice un-comlpicated can of coke
person1. dude this coke is shit compared 2 pepsi.
person2. u go to hell. thats blasphemy.
person1. fogrive me lord for ihave sinned
by antichristsuperstar September 22, 2005
107 73
1. A white drug, that, if crushed properly, becomes an amazing powder-like substance of fun.
2. snorting should be done with a $20(or higher) bill rolled about .5 cm tight.
3. snort in fast straight lines for best results.(For advanced cokeheads, try writing your name w/ coke before snorting it!)
4. Those who cut coke w/ too much (or any) other substances then become shitty slangers.
Damn, your brother sold me some shitty coke last night... I want my money back!

I paid the whore in coke; the whore blew me, in return I gave her some blow.
by Zanderico M November 21, 2004
54 32
Columbian Dancing dust, the wonderful drug cocain.
~I was trounced out of my mind after an 8-ball of coke.~
by Insurmoutable Jackass May 08, 2004
60 40