cool band with a bad ass singer!
by malora May 07, 2003
a great band that you all should listen to.
i love coheed and cambria.some random a hole"pussy"*i walk over to him kick his ass* anymore questions?
by mike August 17, 2004
Coheed and Cambria originated in New York. The band, with three members, has been together for quite some time, but the four together only produced their first allbum in 2002. They have an unmatched sound quality, though sometimes compared to Rush. The lyrics are one of a kind, deriven from Claudio's (lead singer) own comic book series.
Coheed and Cambria played an awesome show tonight.
by RosemaryShowerhouse February 20, 2005
The two protagonists in the story created by Claudio Sanchez, based off of the music created by the prog rock band with the same name.
"See there's Coheed and Cambria, in innocent merger, absence makes the heart grow fonder."
by Star Cecil April 23, 2005
A band that several douchebags that submitted definitions above claim to despise, yet can't stop discussing.
Coheed and Cambria own.
by Kumar2 September 12, 2006
The only proven cure for Erectile Dysfunction
Dude, I listened to "Delirium Trigger" by Coheed and Cambria last night and... um... I won't go into detail... but it was awesome.
by Ellisniss MGP December 19, 2009
An american progressive rock band (with some punk influence). Formed in the 90's with the name Shabutie, but changed it in 2001 to Coheed and Cambria. All their albums are part of a story written by frontman, Claudio Sanchez, and along with each album, theres a comic book. They have received a lot of criticism due to Claudios higher than most voice and large mane of hair, but those who do like them, like them a lot. They're one of those bands you either want to shoot in the head or listen to over and over.
you may hate claudios voice, but if you like rock, you can't deny that Coheed and Cambria have some riffery that could match jimi page i.e Welcome Home, Delirium Trigger, The Velorium Camper I: Faint of Hearts
by Brogi August 04, 2006

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