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Coheed and Cambria is not an emo band. They have three albums out presently: Second Stage Turbine Blade, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, and Apollo I'm Burning Star IV: Fear Through the Eyes of Madness. The lead singer, Claudio Sanchez has an incredible range, and although his voice is high, it doesn't make him a bad singer. Also, it doesn't matter whether you like Rush more than C&C, they're still an incredibley talented band and have an interesting story behind their lyrics. I would seriously recomend anyone who reads this to atleast listen to some of their songs; they're awesome.
Person 1: "dude, have you heard of this band coheed and cambria?"
Person 2: "Yea, my friend told me they were liek this gay emo band."
Person 1: "That's probably because your friends a fucking idiot..."
by HappyBaxter September 15, 2006

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