probably the worst band to be belched out of the bowels of humanity since culture club. coheed is an interesting (<-sarcasm)
mix of rush and fall out boy, ensuring that they not only suck, but swallow.
do you like eating shit?
then try listening to coheed and cambria.
by jackman fucking ochs January 29, 2009
A band that thinks they're rush, just a bit heavier. They suck horribly on their CD's, but even more live. All the singer does is play his guitar in a corner by his amps, cover his face with his douche bag-like hair, and scream with such a high pitched voice it sounds like his balls haven't dropped yet. Long story short: Faggots
Person 1: "Coheed and Cambria is one shitty band!"
Person 2: "I know! The singer has to go through puberty first, then maybe Co&Ch would be a good band."
by sdwetwilly April 15, 2009
1.)A poor excuse for a rock band. Claiming to be progressive rock they appeal to emos who grew up in suburbia and cut themselves. While their supporters claim they are similar to Rush, their music is not nearly as progressive or influential. their lead singer, Claudio Sanchez, has hair that is larger than his head. This is why he has no talent, because it is all used in the effort to maintain such a stupid and "alternative" haircut. In fact, the tiny amount of talent Sanchez has is directly proportional to his penis size. No one in this band has enough talent to carry the guitar pick of the likes of Kirk Hammett or Slash. And the singing can be compared to a garbage disposal. Oh and claudio sanchez needs to be deported

2.homosexual band(s)

3. A group containing probable illegal immigrants
Hey did you go to the emo show yesterday?

No, all those bands are Coheed and Cambria.

3. Look at those guys at Home Depot!

Yeah, Coheed and Cambria for sure.
by Charles Burnside March 10, 2008
the rawkingest post hardcore/emo band EVER! The hair! Its aliiive! augh! IKSOSE:3 is fabulous...mmmmm shiny and new...
Bring on The 29th man! wooooooo!
Emo Dude #1: Hey, you going to see Coheed and Cambria Tonight?
Emo Dude #2: Yeah, cool! Rawk on man!
by Pretty Vacant May 17, 2004
A totally awesome emo band with a kickass singer leading the way.... hell ya!
Any band that can say "Coo coo ca choo" in a song and pull it off is amazing!
by Scott Hubbard December 10, 2003
If you wear dragon shirts and are deaf, you'd probably love this band.
I used to listen to Rush, but I just wasn't getting beat up enough. Recently, I got in to Coheed and Cambria, and now people are lined up daily to kick my ass.
by Streep May 17, 2006
Coheed and Cambria is a progressive rock band very similar to the band rush. They have released three concept albums all the same story told in different parts; they plan to release five parts in total. They have the potential to be a really good band.

The guitar and drums are all right on and could even be considered pretty good, but as soon as Claudio Sanchez starts singing I can't help but laugh my ass off. It sounds like someone took his balls and placed them in a giant metal clamp that has yet to be removed. That or he inhales helium before every song he sings. I just can't take them seriously with a voice like that.

Hopefully they'll get a lead singer soon who sound like an actual guy instead of a five year old girl on prozac, then I can finally start liking them.
Coheed and Cambria sound pretty awesome until Sanchez opens his mouth, then I can't even concentrate on the music cause I'm laughing too hard.
by pash March 04, 2006

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