The Person on whom one coughs
When Jack sneezed, Paul was the coffee
by whateveryouwanttocallme April 21, 2009
so i figure... ya know... we could... if that's aight
by Andy Mangialino September 23, 2003
The shit people drink every morning to wake their ass up. Even though there teeth will yellow to point of being gold and breath so stank the shittiness of it is palpable.
Damn, someone had drunk to much coffee this morning. Yo teeth is blockin out THE SUN!
by Crazybastard4everQWERTY March 13, 2015
A code word to tell your friends there's a hot girl nearby.
*hot girl walks by*
Me: Wanna go grab some coffee?
Friend: *looks around and sees the girl* Hell yeah, I want some coffee.
by adeicerca4rd May 02, 2011
What I like to put in my sugar.
Coffee is best used as an additive to substances like sugar and cream, but consumed in excess, ruins the flavour and experience of quality sugar.
by Person174920382263 December 17, 2010
The nectar of the gods. Sacred in its ability to awaken and revive the senses in order to stay productive at work or school. A favorite among college students, teachers, and the general population of America.

Side effects may include addiction, hyperactivity, insomnia, dehydration, stained clothes (when you were too "out of it" to notice you spilled on yourself), and increased spending at coffee shops.
Don't mess with Mama Bear until she's had at least 2 cups of coffee... She'll bite your head off.

Dude, leave the teacher alone! She's only had 1 cup of coffee today!

Gotta study. For this exam. Where's my coffee???

4 hours later: Can't sleep. Too much coffee.
by Catherine M. Dallon August 04, 2011
To get coffee can mean a great deal of things, instead of just the act of procuring a hot beverage. Mostly directed towards going to a coffee shop.
"Hey Bob, want to go get coffee?"
by brizor March 22, 2009

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