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someone who is coughed on
I was the coffee last night because my husband is sick.
by christayina April 20, 2008
N. Marijuana, weed, reefer, etc. Just another slang word for the best medicine in the world.
Devin woke up to the sweet smell of coffee which brought a big smile to his face.
by Fishman the Great June 08, 2007
1. synonym for cocaine.

2. simply grand.
Goddamn i need a coffee break.
by yourmombiatch February 20, 2005
One that is coughed upon.
I have coughed on you, you are now a coffee.
by Andrew Cham December 27, 2005
1. A tasty morning drink made from coffee beans.
2. Sex, ~from the wrong side of the cup: Anal Sex, ~from the wrong side of the manly cup: gay sex
"You wanna come have some coffee?"
"Hey, he's been having coffe from the wrong side of the cup!"
by Headless Chicken June 02, 2005
Coffee is an acronym for Condoms organised fantastic fucks endlessly ensured.
I received a message from a woman, a good friend, asking me to meet her for coffee in Dublin.
by St Ias November 18, 2005
Bad name to be called.
Hey What's up Coffee!
by Kirby March 10, 2005