Man's best friend. A beverage which holds within it, amongst various taste-bud tantalizing substances, the psychoactive stimulant caffeine. Coffee, by virtue of caffeine's stimulating qualities, is considered by many a prerequisite to any productive day. As such it is the most widely consumed psychoactive stimulant on the planet.

Aside from its use as a utility for maintaining consciousness, there is a rich and deep cultural history behind coffee that has flourished throughout the ages, continuing to the present day. Coffee has also been an active social facilitator, with cafes and coffeehouses having been gathering places for various creative types regardless of discipline, particularly in the 20th century, and again, to the present day.

Sadly like all good things of this world, many use coffee as an excuse for snobbery and clique-making, considering particular methods of preparation and appreciation as the magic bullet to coffee enjoyment. You will often find such people peddling their egos to the world in the form of baseless criticism against any coffee that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, along with depreciation of any attempt to convince them otherwise. Like all other forms of bigotry, best dealt with sarcasm and other forms of humor.

You probably hear a lot of talk about coffee either being great or horrible for your health, for a plethora of reasons, but overall the scientific literature on coffee does not conclude if it is ultimately good or bad for the body.
I have serious doubts that I can hold myself together any longer without a cup of coffee

I wake up at six, but the day doesn't start till coffee'oclock!

Man, this morning I was so tired I had to drink three cups of coffee, and driven by my caffeine-buzz, added the 5th definition for coffee on
by Shikee June 19, 2011
The only reason I am awake right now
(Kevin)- "Dude are you on coke? You've been up for 3 days straight"
(Me)- *Looks over with bloodshot eyes, kind of like Squidward in that episode of Spongebob Squarepants when Squidward wakes up to find Spongebob in bed with him after getting him a glass of water half asleep* "Nah I ran out yesterday, its just coffee"
by The Real Tomato Sauce Kidguy October 04, 2014
The source of all power.
Oh almighty coffee, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change.
by hoppip March 09, 2013
Every college students necessity. The addictive drug that makes you stay alert when there is no earthly reason you should still be awake. It achieves this by tricking the brain into thinking that you have had a good night's sleep. Many generations have used this drug to get through exams, tests, and boring meetings.
John: What time did you go to sleep last night? You looking glowing.
Sally: Man, I didn't. I just took coffee.
John: Whoa, dude!
by Tonovo October 16, 2012
A drink made from coffee beans and water that can be highly addictive. Used to help you stay awake for anything from studying to playing your Xbox till the early hours of the morning. Also used to wake you up when you are extremely tired from doing stuff like that.
"I'm so tired, I got no sleep last night."
"Here, have some coffee to get you going."
by Sqyd April 27, 2014
A drink that does wonders for your skin. Mainly used in the morning, but some drink it all day through. Usually a drink found in your every-day cafés.

Can be made into many forms such as:

Americano, A Shot in the Dark, Black coffee, Cafe au Lait, Cafe Breva, Caffe Latte, Cafe Macchiato, Cappuccino, Double, or Double Shot, Dry Cappuccino, Espresso Con Panna, Flavored coffee, Frappe, Greek Coffee, Hammerhead, Iced coffee, Indian (Madras) filter coffee, Instant coffee (or soluble coffee), Irish coffee, Mocha .. etc.

Side Note: Delicious!
One Coffee with extra cream and sugar, please.
by SeanTheGreat June 06, 2009
A beacon of light and hope for tired college students all around the world; from the early riser to the all-nighter.
I need my morning coffee!
I need coffee to stay awake to write this paper!
by photogopher February 10, 2012

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