A legal, addictive stimulant.
Coffee is cheaper than meth.
by MamaBurd February 11, 2012
A term to replace the word sex. A way to keep the conversation PG with everyone thinking you mean coffee, but you really don't.
Guy 1: Dude, that girl is really hot!

Guy 2: Man I'd love to have coffee with her.
by coffee-grinder October 07, 2010
A sacred substance used to awaken half of the U.S. population, especially before one must leave to go to his or her job in the morning. Some do not properly function until they have had their coffee in the a.m. hours of the day.
Gomer: Hey Earl, how you doin?
Earl: *Groan* Ehhhhhhhhh. Drink need coffee yet.
Gomer: Well put, Earl. Well put.
by Beat Master Skizzy Wizzy June 09, 2010
The best drink in the world. Just taste the goodness.
"Warning: The coffee you're about to enjoy is extremely hot!"
by Starbucks Fan July 23, 2009
A drink that is an everyday physical symbol of sex.
I like my coffee hot and with lots of cream
by me January 03, 2004
When i wake up in the morning, its there. When i go outside, its in my hand. when i go to sleep, its there, next to me.
This is what caffeine and coffee does to me does to me:)
by Coffeeaddict5000 July 24, 2011
Really just a synonym for "meeting at Starbucks or some other place that sells coffee and other assorted drinks and treats to have a conversation."
Would you like to go to coffee with me?

Our first date was coffee.

We had coffee last night.
by Marximus February 08, 2009

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