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3 definitions by SeanTheGreat

A NPC from the game Fable 2, famously known from the Demon Door "Terry Cotter's Army". The player will enter the room, to find a small house, in the house there is a room with a skeleton on the bed, and knights standing all around his bed and in the room. Much like the Terracotta Army, which can relate to Terry/Terra Cotter/Cotta. These are Cotter's knights, behind the house, there is a gate and a small path that leads to a cave where most of his knights are, they stand there, some in clay or gravel / ground. Once again, resembling the Terracotta Army. If you look around the house as well, there is a book that says when Terry was a child, his mother always told him to not go beyond the gate, because it was not his time to go there.
by SeanTheGreat June 27, 2009
A drink that does wonders for your skin. Mainly used in the morning, but some drink it all day through. Usually a drink found in your every-day cafés.

Can be made into many forms such as:

Americano, A Shot in the Dark, Black coffee, Cafe au Lait, Cafe Breva, Caffe Latte, Cafe Macchiato, Cappuccino, Double, or Double Shot, Dry Cappuccino, Espresso Con Panna, Flavored coffee, Frappe, Greek Coffee, Hammerhead, Iced coffee, Indian (Madras) filter coffee, Instant coffee (or soluble coffee), Irish coffee, Mocha .. etc.

Side Note: Delicious!
One Coffee with extra cream and sugar, please.
by SeanTheGreat June 06, 2009
Alice, Alice is a sarcastic, rude, bully, who everyone loves because she has big cheeks and a laugh that forces you to not be mad. Alice has perfect hair, has a bajillion clothes. If you want to date Alice you better get over it because no ones perfect enough for little Alice. Literally, she's like only 5 feet tall, no one can reach her standards.
Guy: Alice, we've been friends for a long time, I think we should move our relationship to the next level.
Alice: Eww (adorable laugh) Your funny, I got to go.
by Seanthegreat November 09, 2013