1. In addition to water, food, shelter, and clothing, coffee is the new essential substance needed for the survival of the human race, specifically students.

2. The solution to homework
I've got an early flight tomorrow, I better drink a lot of coffee tomorrow.
by Pearllady70 November 15, 2009
the drink of gods that gives energy to those in need. now ruined by starbucks because people think that that is really coffee. if you can barley taste the coffee in it, it is not coffee. if you ask for a regular coffee you should get black coffee not coffee with cream and sugar.
man 1: do you like coffee?
man 2: yeah, see my starbucks cup
man 1: starbucks isnt coffee
man 2: yeah it is
man 1: *kills and buries man 2"
by joker515 January 11, 2009
"Caffe" in Italian, from the Turkish "kahve" which was derived from the Arabic "qahwa", a shortened version of "qahhwat al-bun" or "wine of the bean". Dutch traders snuck coffee tree seedlings out of the Arab port of Mocha and transported them to the East-Indies for planting; and from there coffee cultivation and trade spread to the New World and Hawaii.

"Coffee is the common man’s gold and like gold it brings to every man (and woman) the feeling of luxury and nobility." Sheik Abd-al-Kadir “In Praise of Coffee” 1857.

Coffee: The wine of the bean, the earth in a cup.
by concupy August 06, 2009

pronounced: Dee-lish-us
I'm fuckin' tired. I need me some COFFEE. UNNGGGHHHHH!
by Polnareff June 09, 2010
God's drink.
And on the 8th day He made coffee.
God: "mmmm that's fucking orgasmic"
by JKrew_NOT January 02, 2010
An excellent drink for late night runs to a diner. However the drink can easily be destroyed and made into bath water by adding too many creamers. Also some people express there love of coffee in different ways.
by molemon December 02, 2008
Legal crack
If I don't have my coffee today, I'm going to kill someone.
by A Stove November 28, 2013

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