A Name for a fun, caring, sexy human being who also has a thing for lollipops. Favorite flavor possibly cherry. Best match would be a Devin, Jayy, Dahvie, and Cam
Cody sure loves his blow pops
by Kyle Travers October 03, 2012
Generally a Hawaiian boy who likes to creep people especially by picking things up and then setting them down sometimes a Cody will smell said thing
Dude stop being such Cody, you're creeping everybody out.
by Devdawg March 25, 2010
a guy who likes to skate off roofs
thats cody for you!
by smiles face with crocked teeth October 25, 2008
a dirty whore.
Chick: I've slept with too many dudes.
Dude: Stop being a Cody!!
by DudeMan89 February 06, 2010
a yeti with long blonde hair usually is attracted to homos do not ever make contact with this brown jacket bitch or his gayness will rub off on you
1- "should we go over there and talk to him?

"no way dude that fag is a cody!"
by mr goodwin April 22, 2010
A Burn out Dumb and Slow as shit
(Q: dude you see cody?)
(A: yea man what a burn out)
by littledev February 16, 2010
A whiny gay guy.
Gay Guy: That Cody is so fabulous.

Lindsay: Yeah, but he is such a whiny bitch.
by Lindsay Smithy February 12, 2010
A half full beer that no one takes responsibility for. Derived from Cody, the man who would do this on a consistent basis.
"Damn it who Codyed another beer"

"After that party there were so Codys"
by The Unprotected September 10, 2008

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