Total douchebomb. A Cody is conceted, a real penishead, and self centered. A Cody is a player. They tend to think everyone is in love with them. Also, they have a tendency to keep their heads up their butts.
"I get confused when I see a douche box. I can't ever tell if it's Cody, or a real douche.!"
by babyGirl. February 16, 2009
A person that always gets bad hair cuts and for some reason can't get good jeans.
Person - "Cody, your jeans are REALLY ugly"
Cody - "idc."
by awesomealli888 August 28, 2008
A person whose insecurities are personified by a lack of t-shirt wearing, excessive cock intake, and a machismo attitude to cover up his inner homosexual demons. Often referred to as a cockgobbler.
1. Person 1: Man you're such a cody
Person 2: No way, you're the cody
Person 1: You're totally right! I love the cock
by NotCodyoranyoneconsideredaCody December 13, 2008
one who plays the guitar while people try to sleep and is in love with his guitar and fucks it on a regular basis. codys also like to wake people up becuz they are afraid of the dark. they also talk in high pitched voices when a girl is around whilst dissing there friends hoping to fuck them in the ass.
josh:hey cody wanna play halo
cody(while around girl): fuck no i only guitar... to girl:am i cool? wanna fuck?
by drpepper1923 August 28, 2007
A human male typically between the ages of 18-27 who:

1) Looks like they just woke up no matter what time of day it is.
2) Never wears shoes, ever.
3) Will be shirtless whenever possible.
4) Says things like, "Totally Dude" and "Awesome roll, Braw!"
5) Has their hair always in their face.
6) Does all these things to impress girls even though most people realize what a fucking tool that guy is.
Girl 1: "Hey, look over there by the couch, that guy is kinda cute."
Boy 1: "Are you kidding?!? Look at him! He's such a fucking Cody!"
Girl 1: "Oh yea. My bad. What a tool. I hope he gets the clap."
by nathanm July 22, 2008
A douchebag, faget, who fantisizes that random people like him. You can't help but hate him. His face is repulsive. It's very likely he has a smaller version friend of his named Jacob who, like I said, is just a smaller version of this fool.
Cody: OMG Jacob we are so much alike!
Jacob(scrawnyvoice): I know no wonder everyone hates you!
by everyone'sbitch January 17, 2009
a cody is a skinny woman trapped in a little boys body. cody often thinks taht he is extremely skilled at talking to girls but the ones that he can communicate with are the ones that already have boyfriends. one of the main characteristics of a cody are is very small penis and testicles. the girls he talks to finds this cute and cuddly because they dont have to deal with all that extra "baggage".
"why dont you quit being a cody and grow some balls"
"i have testicles, look"
"dude you have a hairy vagina"
"no look under the hair"
pushes the hair aside
"wat is that, a pin needle"
some girl "oh how cute and cuddly"
some guy "pull your pants up thats my girlfriend"
cody "sorry but its the only type of girls that i can communicate with"
by asdf jkl; April 18, 2008

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