The left over pizza/bread/any kind of bread product crust that's pretty nasty and no one wants. Commonly thrown on the grass to decompose.
"Hey do you want to finish my pizza?"
--"No way! No one wants your cody!"

"You littering douchebag!"
--"What, it's just the cody!"
by soiherd May 06, 2009
a dipshit wigger who thinks hes he nicest and hottest shit on the earth. they tend to fall in love with themselves thats why. these guys ask out girls they like but instead of talking face-to-face theyd rather text or talk through people and give you a daily hug or two. once they lose interest they completely ignore you and stop texting and avoid you. you cant put your full trust in them and they always get fucktarded hair cuts and you notice how fugly they really are inside and out.
friend:so have you talked to him at all?

girl:yeah; through TEXTING only he wont even look at me. hes a total cody. i dont know what the hell to do; i think he just doesnt like me.
by nottheaverage_one April 13, 2009
a bastard who has sex with disgusting fat chicks. and who ruins other peoples live. DOUCHE BAG!!!
did you seriously just cody that girl??
by #$%^&* March 28, 2009
The creep at your school with really long hair, and an odd skin disease on his arms and legs. He is not very social, and plays too many video games. It is an important note that he over-uses the word "dude".

Cody's almost always have bitchy younger sisters who cause drama amongst the upper classmen at your school, even though she is in middle school, these sisters are known as Lindsay's.
Sean-"Wow, that new guy is such a cody"
Chaz-"Yeah man, totally needs a hair cut"
by Chazaam P. Cox April 27, 2009
A nerdy kid who has a retarded laugh and has a fetish for dragons eating people
dude stop looking at that dragon porn your such a cody
by jack mehoff 69 March 05, 2009
A person who is generally a chick repellent. Has the ability to turn off horny women and make women run in disgust. It is advised you stay away from these people unless you enjoy life without females. It can also mean the act of being a chick repellent.
Bob: So I was talking with this new chick. She seemed pretty in to me.
Joe: Cool, so you get her number?
Bob: No. My ugly neighbor came and pulled "a Cody" and she ran away.
by HooShawNaw June 24, 2009
A cody is a man with a very small wee wee, and does not know how to please his woman. More often than not, codys have no consistent cash flow(No job=lowlife). They tend to lack confidence, and take out their insecurities on innocent bystanders. They also give their girlfriends stds, and fuck their lives up. They are very jealous and controlling, and cry when they are alone.
I just broke up with a cody and my life is so much better! I will NEVER give that fucker the time of day again. And i hope he chokes on a wiener in prison.
by sarahloves56 April 29, 2009

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