A person with a extremly tiny penis that is so small it crawls inside of there body. They usually get the chicks untill they whip out there dick, which is really nothing. Also have a horrible case of acne and never showers. Some may know how to play guitar and wear skinny jeans. Always a duche.
Guy1: Man did you hear about that asshole Cody?
Guy2: Yeah, he got a chick into the bedroom with guitar skills and skinny jeans but when he took off his pants there was nothing to be seen.
Guy1: Yeah that faggot.
by GCJKTNJ January 13, 2011
A boy who is ugly as hell. He has a small penis, therefor, his nickname is "Chodey" ...as in Chode. Which is a short fat penis, and Cody himself is short and fat. He is a player, even though, really, no girl would ever talk to him... he just thinks they will. Hes a grade-A douchebag and will never be loved by anyone... not even his mom.
Him? Oh, thats what a chode looks like, A.K.A, cody.
by sarah-amy January 15, 2011
Studly male with a dog rapist face. Also has a strong attraction to Kobe Bryant and most of the Lakers. Except Luke Walton.
Hide the dogs, Codys here.. Quick distract him with the lakers game!
by kas21 December 07, 2010
An ugly mother fucker who looks like a rat and sucks at being a boyfriend. his buzz cut makes him look like fucking lemonade and he needs braces. he looks like shit in the toilet and can never get a girlfriend besides that slut sierra.
by suckonthat777 January 09, 2011
typically a chode, also very very STUPID. and hard of hearing. calls every girl he knows a milf, even if she isnt a mother.
Cody: Excuse me, teacher, you are a milf.
Other student: Woooowwwww
Teacher: I have no children
by harrypotterluuuuver July 24, 2010
A male name, normally a guy who is a tool, a jockstrap, or someone who snoops on facebook.
Man, my brother in law is such a Cody.
by Sabarika May 12, 2010
Generally a Hawaiian boy who likes to creep people especially by picking things up and then setting them down sometimes a Cody will smell said thing
Dude stop being such Cody, you're creeping everybody out.
by Devdawg March 25, 2010

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