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abbreviation for Call of Duty
Person 1- Bro what are you doing?

Person 2- Im playing C.O.D.
by The Beast AKA Chewbacca November 16, 2010
8 6
Call of Duty- a lame arse game invented for boys to piss off their girlfriends. Boys will choose this game over personal hygiene and sexy time with their significant other. In fact they will ignore their significant other completely for as many hours as their selfish needs must.
..what? OH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? POWPOW yeah I'm just gunna play COD a little while longer
by Little Loveheart June 06, 2010
38 36
A common acronym that can mean the following:

•Call of Duty, a first-person shooter game.

•Cause of Death, a medical term for... the cause of death!
Gamer 1: Dude! My COD in COD was a headshot!
Gamer 2: Noob...
by DCallstar51 November 14, 2009
56 54
1. Fish. c'mon, did you really have to look it up?

2. An acronym for Call of Duty, a hyped-up gaming franchise that has made 9 remakes of a similar formula for each game; whilst also trying to add distinct new gameplay options to each installment (World at war had zombies mode).

3. A related acronym, poking fun at the stereotypical COD player; it stands for Children's Online Daycare because the stereotypical COD player is under the age restrictions, and because a vast majority of these players go into rage-fueled tangents about other users trolling them.
C.O.D = Call of Duty.
Other installments have added acronyms (MW= Modern warfare, BO= black ops, WAW= world at war, etc.)
by Dr J Christ December 15, 2012
6 5
A middle English word meaning Scrotum. Where we get the word "Codpiece" from.
His pants were loose all in the right places, and he wasn't wearing any underwear. You could totally see his cod.
by Durkan March 04, 2012
2 1
Someone who plays way to much call of duty
Dare,ick, Hall,Nerds,NO LIFE, Cod
by MrKnowItAll11111111111 July 06, 2011
8 7
Stands for 'Call of Duty', a FPS video game but in reality should be an acronym for 'Children's Online Daycare' due to the amount of 5 year old faggots that manifest it.
Bunch of 5 year old fags: Wtf noob!

You: Heh, COD!!!!!
by Felonies December 06, 2013
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