Someone who plays way to much call of duty
Dare,ick, Hall,Nerds,NO LIFE, Cod
by MrKnowItAll11111111111 July 06, 2011
abbreviation for Call of Duty
Person 1- Bro what are you doing?

Person 2- Im playing C.O.D.
by The Beast AKA Chewbacca November 16, 2010
A species of fish named after the game Call of Duty because of it's ability to 360 under water. Named on April 20, 2420.
Mom get the camera! It's a wild cod!
by xXx_420dAnkScOpeR_XxX March 13, 2015
When a woman absolutely wants to "fuck" right away, she wants "Cock On Demand"
When a guy doesn't want to (?), is too tired (?), has no interest (?), has no time (?) and the woman wants to fuck as she determines, she wants "COD".
by big daddy 24 February 27, 2014
1. Fish. c'mon, did you really have to look it up?

2. An acronym for Call of Duty, a hyped-up gaming franchise that has made 9 remakes of a similar formula for each game; whilst also trying to add distinct new gameplay options to each installment (World at war had zombies mode).

3. A related acronym, poking fun at the stereotypical COD player; it stands for Children's Online Daycare because the stereotypical COD player is under the age restrictions, and because a vast majority of these players go into rage-fueled tangents about other users trolling them.
C.O.D = Call of Duty.
Other installments have added acronyms (MW= Modern warfare, BO= black ops, WAW= world at war, etc.)
by Dr J Christ December 15, 2012
Another word for Testicle or ball, nut etc. But A word that is rapidly growing in popularity and becoming a part of everyday vocabulary among many people in the south. Primarily a word used by males as a greeting or reference to a person. The term was coined by a local town legend in Columbus, GA back in 1994 and has recently become a staple in drunken banter. Although a derogatory word in meaning, it is not and shouldn't be taken as an insult.
Joseph: Hey Cod, what's up?
Simon: oh, just grillin up some burgers.

Blake: Hey worm, where's your brother at?
Worm: I don't know where that Cod is.

Patrick: what are y'all Cod's up to??
Joseph and group: bout to go hit the lake. You wanna go you ol' Cod?
Patrick: Why hell yeah, let's get goin Cod's!
by Georgia Sasquatch August 16, 2012
A middle English word meaning Scrotum. Where we get the word "Codpiece" from.
His pants were loose all in the right places, and he wasn't wearing any underwear. You could totally see his cod.
by Durkan March 04, 2012

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