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A korean pre-debut group under Pledis Entertainment with 17 members and an average age of 17 year old. Well known for live stream, 17tv which has 4 seasons and 3 Like Seventeen Show. Consist of dancing machine, angelic voice, diva, underage boys and derps. Has the best fandom ever because everyone is so chill and supportive towards each other. Deserve all the support and love because they work very hard to please the fans. They are all angels but can give you the feels in a snap. Life Ruiners.
non-SM17ES : help me, i cant memorise all of the seventeen members' names!
by Jungashy December 20, 2013
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Seventeen is the last year before college, the last year before you can vote, the last year you are dependent on your parents—it is a bridge between childhood and adulthood. Seventeen is not considered as monumental as sixteen, but somehow 17 sounds so much older than 16. Sixteen is carefree teenager enjoying life while they still can, but at seventeen some sort of responsibility is expected.
She thought she would never turn sweet sixteen, and then suddenly her 16th year was over and she was seventeen.
by jesspela June 19, 2008
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A word that people think is sexual but has no actual meaning, used to trick people
"He's seventeen!"
"Don't say that in church!"
"Thar's not appropriate!"
by OzzyOsbourne April 12, 2010
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A magazine directed towards teenagers- particularly girls- and is intended to turn them into sluts. If looked at by a normal person, it will probably make them want to kill someone as it is incredibly dumb and consists of nothing educational.
Person 1: Hey just picked up a copy of Seventeen!

Person 2: So this is how I die.
by The Xbox Controller January 20, 2013
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Seventeen Is A Crew From A Small Town And They Are Trying To Spread The Word Like An STD.
Guy 1: Seventeen! You Won't!!

Guy 2: Huh??

Guy 1: Seventeen All Day Son!!

Guy 2: Ohh Okay... Seventeen!! I Will!
by SeventeenWIBCJS April 10, 2011
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