cods, originated in Georgia during the 1950's. means to be crazy,dumb, or stupid
that dude is cods as a football bat
by iron orr September 06, 2009
A term that was once known to be a fish but soon grew out when some sad person thought it would be smart to identify Call Of Duty as COD. What a bean....
Jo: Fancy a bit of cod with me?
Ralph: Thats offensive, im vegetarian...
by Jimbo Johnny Josoph November 01, 2011
Creepy Older Dude. A pervy older guy who likes to hit on and/or date younger girls, especially underage ones, as featured in the July 09 issue of Seventeen.
Girl 1: Omg, did you hear about the cod who tried to hook up with Kelly at that kegger last night?
Girl 2: Yeah ik, he was like 20 yrs older than her.
by BabyFireflyyy June 09, 2009
Cream On Demand- whenever you see a very sexy speciman... this is the result
can also be the actual man himself
OMG look at that C.O.D.!!!!!

by asldjasiojansfoiejfoiansdfWC April 05, 2011
Circle of Death - A group of undatable girls (single girls) that hang out together all the time. When they make a new female friend with a boyfriend, he breaks up with her and she now joins the circle and becomes undatable.
Johnny was going to ask Kathyrn to marry him until she started hangin with the C.O.D. then he broke up with her and she hasn't had a boyfriend in 4 years.
by Molly Connelly September 13, 2007
not a cock
cod is a fish
by bay state rocks June 10, 2014
abbreviation for Call of Duty
Person 1- Bro what are you doing?

Person 2- Im playing C.O.D.
by The Beast AKA Chewbacca November 16, 2010

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