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A hot chick you wouldn't mind banging.
Hey, let's go out tonight and pick up some whams!
by Tremendous February 18, 2008
A catchall phrase used, alternatively, (1) to express emphatic truth to the original statement. (2) to literally hit someone in the crotch.
(1) I banged a wham last night. Really? In the cods!

(2) Where'd you hit him? In the cods.
by Tremendous February 24, 2008
A person of hispanic decent. The name is derived from two sources. 1)short for meskin. 2)a reference to some skins' favorite pastime, pulling their foreskin back while masturbating.
White guy 1:Hey look at that fat skin over there. He's pulling his skin back. Thumbs up!

White guy 2: Oh.
by Tremendous July 14, 2009

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