Scrotum and testicles.
Cods seldom survive an encounter with an alligator snapping turtle while swimming naked.
by harry flashman July 16, 2003
A FPS set in WWII

designed to keep teenagers virgins for as long as possible and destroy all forms of social life/interaction
Girl: hey lets go and have sex
Guy: Not now im playing COD
by COD h8r November 08, 2010
Choking On Dick
My girlfriend was COD when i was playing cod.
by rrnnrrr June 23, 2010
Cash on delivery. That is, paying cash for a product upon receiving delivery of it.
The product is only $19.95, check or credit card only. No CODs please, we don't like fish in the mail.
by boohiss February 27, 2004
Your Friends or friend
"I'm going out with my CO'd's"
"Is that your CO'd on the phone?"
by Crazee October 08, 2006
It's a fucking fish you video game nerds -_-
I went fishing today and caught a cod.
by H3nry F0rd January 18, 2011
Call Of Duty; Popular online game.
"playing C.O.D. and scratching my balls for the next 6 hours, which makes me totally cool, and YOU SUCK!!!111`! kthxbye"
by chicken choker May 25, 2005

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