Very huge cock,described big like a dinosaur
"Brad showed me his cockasaurus"
"Bro she couldn't handle the cockasaurus"
by Plemington_J August 27, 2013
Top Definition
Any person, male or female, with a penis that is better measured in metric tons than inches.

Also see "Zoah"
That guy I went home from the bar with last night was a real Cockasaurus. He tore my taint in half and now I'm shitting out of my box.
by Zarr January 20, 2004
A man with a very large penis almost the size of the Willis Tower, could be called Big Willie.
That guy is a cockasaurus. No way! What!
by Cockstain23 December 10, 2009
A massive, omniverous, mean, but not agressive unless threatened by anything, dinosaur that comes in a varieties of colors and three different sizes. There are mini cockasauruses, flying cockasauruses, and normal cockasauruses.
There are 91 cockasaurus eggs in the air conditioning unit.
by cockasaurus man March 19, 2008
A hugggggeeee penis, like realllyyyy big
"she wanted some of my cockasaurus"
by G Dub April 10, 2007
Referring to the male genitalia that is of a better than average size
wow he he has a nice cock-a-saurus it fit just right
by bill werden May 26, 2008
A term used to describe your dick.
Hey Julie did you see Mike's cockasaurus-it's huge!
by slkstr72 May 13, 2008
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