another name for chicken head
Read between the lines ya clucks
by Big Stymie November 07, 2004
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A crank fiend who can't support there habit and is constantly trying to get dope off aquantances.

Clucken, adj. The act of begging for dope.
That tweeker is a cluck, give her a line and she'll blow you.

Girl you are clucken, get a job I we already did an eight ball.
by Michael H. August 08, 2003
The act of exchanging some item of value for a given controlled substance (or cash to be used in the purchase thereof), as carried out by an addict of that substance when an otherwise exhaustive search has failed to yield the funds necessary to support his habit. The quantity of drugs received for the object of a cluck tends be very small in relationship to the item's perceived market value. This discrepancy can be attributed to the efforts of the person receiving the cluck to capitalize on his knowledge that the clucker has reached a state of desperation, in which he is liable to forego any attachment to material possessions, as well as any remaining vestige of common sense (often to the point of inevitable regret), in exchange for the opportunity to satiate his physical cravings for even the shortest duration.
After having recognized his stolen tools at a pawn shop, Ernest was crushed when he learned that they had been clucked to the shop by "some tweaker" matching the description of his deviot stepson.
by luckylymon January 01, 2009
a crack fiend.
Dude, I'm not hitting a bowl with white powder on it. I ain't a fuckin' cluck!
by Tim March 13, 2003
a crackhead;a fiend;someone who is crazy acting because of the use of drugs
that girl right there a cluck, she on drugs; she a clucka.
by shawnice July 09, 2006
Substitution for the expletive "fuck". Can be used with its literal relatives (clucked, clack, holy cluck, clooked, cleck, clack). Can be used when around kids or parents, etc.
Bob: Hey man give me your xbox controller!!
Greg: Cluck off man I am playing cod 4
Bob: You're no longer my friend you cluckhead!
by Danglerfestival October 06, 2013
Noun: A killed conversation from saying, "hahhhaa" or "yahhh" or "lalallala" etc.
Verb: To have killed a conversation.
Cluck is short for conversation killed, the CK becoming cluck.
Tom: "hahahhahahha"
Lisa: "this is such a cluck"


Tom: "hahahhahahha"
Lisa: "way 2 cluck"
by conversationmaster February 09, 2011
To search around desparately for small amounts of drugs, usually while coming down, perhaps in the carpet or cracks of the coffee table.
As soon as the coke ran dry he began clucking around the apartment for leftover bits
by robquail July 07, 2006

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