A word used to describe a stupid female that happens to be bald (similiar to a chicken head)
Yo, that girl Brianna is a cluck!
by b.love September 21, 2003
1. A filler word used when you're either too lazy or don't care enough to respond to someone with a sentence.

2. A replacement word for "hello" or "hows it going."

3. When used inquisitively (e.g. with a question mark after it) is a replacement for something baffling.
4. A replacement for the word fuck
1. Person 1: Did you clean your room?
Person 2: Cluck!
Person 1: Why didn't you?
Person 2: Cluck you!
Person 1: Do you even get what I'm saying?
Person 2: Cluck?
by Timothy July 08, 2004

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