A man the is a drug addict, He will do anything for drugs.
Look at those cluck over there in front of the liquor store
by lil dada 09 September 14, 2009
1. The sound Dr. Phil makes when it talks.

2. A crackhead.
1. "Man my mom was watching Dr. Phil in the living room and all the way in the kitchen i could hear him clucking.

2. "Don't give him shit he's a cluck."
by Hadmyphil May 25, 2009
a very nasty hoe that looks like a duck. usally a female. she tends to be loose and full of dieases.
a cluck is becca carlson. she is a dirty ass hoe.
by Smalls<3 January 08, 2009
Crack rock addicts, who confess there love for you and give you anything you want for just one more hit.
Did you see that silly ass cluck trying to give away his T.V.?
by Art-Dogg October 14, 2005
Somebody who can't do anything right, someone with "Two left feet."
Also known as the biggest loser ever.
Dude, look at how he wears that shirt. It's backwards, what a cluck!"
by Dr. SmartassCrazySelf April 11, 2010
Chicken Legged Chicken Head = CLCH = Cluck; A female (and I guess nowadays a male could unfortunately be one too) that has long, skinny legs and loves to participate in giving oral sex to a penis or penises. May or may not carry diseases. Clucks are not necessarily considered porn stars or prostitutes because because these are technically professions and are done for payment. Though if a prostitute or a porn star fits the description of a cluck, and they are not receiving payment in some situations, then they would be a cluck that simply has a job/career.
Why aren't there many hot clucks in the world?
by Probably So August 08, 2009
The abbreiviation of the word fuck.
"Aww cluckin hell the wifes going to go mental" says jim. Bob replys " stop worrying for cluck sake".
Cluck can be used in evryday life.
by Elliot brookshaw July 28, 2008

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