bill clinton, a joke of president that rests his laurels on "eight years of peace and prosperity." = asshole and asshole = asshole

"Peace" does not equal having al Q'aida attack the US on multiple occasions (US embassy, US embassy, WTC 1st time, USS Cole). "Prosperity" does not equal the ridiculous illusion of a wild stock market ride based on a baseless economy. An economy that shriveled up to nothing - billions lost - without a whimper of acknowledgement from Billary. Losses so staggering, it makes economists wonder why Enron was such a big deal. The "prosperity" that the "Clintons" brag about so much, turned into nothing more than vapor. The Winners in the so-called "peace and prosperity" Clinton economy? Warren Buffet and other level-headed contrarians. Democrats. Rich People. Ask yourself what your 401K looked like after the Clinton economy. Hint: less than 60% of what it was before he took office. Fact.
Clinton is a shithead.
by schmoe December 06, 2007
1. A piece of shit president who flew on the wings of his conservative predecessors.
2. Should be blamed for 9/11 for Dereliction of Duty.
3. The liberal loon who will take charge after the hard work Conservatives did.
(1) Person A: Mike you have to finish those reports if not someone else will face the consequences."
Mike: I'll Clinton myself through it, don't worry.
by GauchoNica January 30, 2008
see lame... and... there you go
Clinton isn't even worth a pinch of dog shit... I should blow him apart with my magnum (you've gotta follow that link, I put a really good definition up for magnum)
by SHIBBY-ONE April 16, 2005
from from redneck below:
"clinton is a liar and a criminal."-
then i dread to think what bush is!

(and by the way to the nutjob whineing about clintons dealings with china; bush's grandfather did deals with NAZIs and had a compny shut down under the trading with the enemy act)
"i did not have sexual relations with dick cheney" yeah right bush!
by george miller January 22, 2005
A word used to describe your internet signing out of msn messenger for no apparent reason
'GOSH, i just clintoned
by Dicky Stroker July 07, 2006
a presedent, who while sky-rocketing tax rates on all classes, encountered many terrorist attacks to which he did nothing, kept the economy good, had sex with an inturn, before lieing about it under oath, which is a fellony, became the first presedent in over 100 years to be impeached, did nothing of what he said he would do after his first election, somehow got people to belive him again, and gave pardens in exchange for money twords his library, his second fellony.
clinton is a liar and a criminal.
by Bob Hope III December 30, 2004

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