a very nice drink that is only sold in kearny, new jersey. ppl travel from far and wide just to get one of these. it makes life very hard for north arlingtoner's because they have to go get one when there friends from kearny just walk out side of there house and clintons are being sold rite there.
me: Hey!, lets walk to kearny to get a clintons!

person: okay, lets go.
person: my clintons wont open!

me: well idlest u dont have to travel far to get 1.
by Super Steven March 03, 2007
A neighborhood formerly known as Hell's Kitchen on the West Side of Mid-Town Manhattan, NY. It is the hood in which Hell Rell of The Diplomats calls home. It is arguably one of the toughest hoods in Manhattan below Harlem.
"I'm young, I'm hungry, I'm fresh out of Clinton" - Hell Rell
by Patrick Solomon July 02, 2006
a pimp for getting a blow job in the white house; the closest person to being a black president
Dam! Bill Clinton got a blow job in the white house?!?! What a pimp!
by J 0 K A February 22, 2005
Verb. The act of being so charismatic that those around you find themselves liking you in spite of the fact that you're a lying jackass. (infinitive - to be Clintoned)
I was totally Clintoned after speaking with Bob on the phone, even though I knew he was lying to me and would stab me in the back later.
by rea22381 August 18, 2009
To projectile launch one's semen into the face or oral area of another, usually positioned on their knees.
"If you beat me in ping-pong one more time I'm gonna clinton you in the face!"
"Damn, I just got clintoned again"
by Hillary C October 09, 2006
A man had a blow job, possibly smoked pot, and was from Arkansas. These are the reasons why people love him and people hate him. Alot of people bitch about him being the worst president, when probably the only bad decisions he made really didn't have anything to do with America. He was impeached, but never kicked out of office. A president like him should never be tried to be booted out. We should impeach presidents who are homophobic, uber-christian, illeterate, Texans. Hopefully, we will never elect an asshole like that.
President BUSH? Why are we not impeaching this douche?
by The Zookeeper June 07, 2005
Pot/weed Smoking person
Rick:Whoa! That dude's smoking weed!
Bob: Yep!He's a Clinton.
by Matt Stringer May 29, 2008

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