Someone who is a throwback to the nineties.
O yes, we're glad to be Clintons. I'm glad that it's UD's 10th anniversary, but why do some people think it came out in October 2001? Now 2001 throwbacks are not clintons!
by amazing javascript programmer December 09, 2009
Pot/weed Smoking person
Rick:Whoa! That dude's smoking weed!
Bob: Yep!He's a Clinton.
by Matt Stringer May 29, 2008
Money or bills. Referenced from Bill Clinton.
Sarah: How much does the job pay?
Michael: $12 an hour. I'm rollin in the clintons.
by rip XN May 11, 2008
Someone blamed for everything that Dubya and other Republicans skrew up. For example, Republicans blame Clinton for not fighting terrorism when the Republican Congress during both his terms refused to let him fight terrirism, create a homeland security department (but which they decided was a good idea after 9/11). Blamed for 9/11 even thought Bush spent the 3 months out of his first 9 in office on vacation not fighting al-Quaida.
Dubya: Shit, I've skrewed up again, it turns out that the terrorists can run AND hide.
Cheney (in Satanic Voice): Don't worry, we'll blame it on Clinton.
by Bush Hater March 16, 2005
Clinton, someone who is incredibly talented and amazing at doing voice and accent impersonations.
Oh my god, did you hear that Clinton's impersonation of that Asian guy?

I know! It was so awesomely talented, and hilariously accurate!
by poonumango April 13, 2011
A man's penis that has a predominant rainbow like bend to the left. It should be noted that a "clinton" has a propensity to force it's self on women without their consent, (see rape). The "clinton" is also reported to have little or no contact with the "billary" (see bitch).
The only example of the "clinton" known to exist has been altered to prevent rape victims from identifying the owner of the "clinton".
by Chuck You Farley October 15, 2006
bill clinton, a joke of president that rests his laurels on "eight years of peace and prosperity." = asshole and asshole = asshole

"Peace" does not equal having al Q'aida attack the US on multiple occasions (US embassy, US embassy, WTC 1st time, USS Cole). "Prosperity" does not equal the ridiculous illusion of a wild stock market ride based on a baseless economy. An economy that shriveled up to nothing - billions lost - without a whimper of acknowledgement from Billary. Losses so staggering, it makes economists wonder why Enron was such a big deal. The "prosperity" that the "Clintons" brag about so much, turned into nothing more than vapor. The Winners in the so-called "peace and prosperity" Clinton economy? Warren Buffet and other level-headed contrarians. Democrats. Rich People. Ask yourself what your 401K looked like after the Clinton economy. Hint: less than 60% of what it was before he took office. Fact.
Clinton is a shithead.
by schmoe December 06, 2007

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