A man had a blow job, possibly smoked pot, and was from Arkansas. These are the reasons why people love him and people hate him. Alot of people bitch about him being the worst president, when probably the only bad decisions he made really didn't have anything to do with America. He was impeached, but never kicked out of office. A president like him should never be tried to be booted out. We should impeach presidents who are homophobic, uber-christian, illeterate, Texans. Hopefully, we will never elect an asshole like that.
President BUSH? Why are we not impeaching this douche?
by The Zookeeper June 07, 2005
a pimp for getting a blow job in the white house; the closest person to being a black president
Dam! Bill Clinton got a blow job in the white house?!?! What a pimp!
by J 0 K A February 22, 2005
A guy normally smart, intelligent, handsome, fit and into other guys. Has the tendacy to think of sexual acts and flirt with his hot male friends.
Did you see Martin pulled a "Clinton" on Steve?
by Thor_Loki_JointAccount May 19, 2015
Someone who is a throwback to the nineties.
O yes, we're glad to be Clintons. I'm glad that it's UD's 10th anniversary, but why do some people think it came out in October 2001? Now 2001 throwbacks are not clintons!
by amazing javascript programmer December 09, 2009
Pot/weed Smoking person
Rick:Whoa! That dude's smoking weed!
Bob: Yep!He's a Clinton.
by Matt Stringer May 29, 2008
Money or bills. Referenced from Bill Clinton.
Sarah: How much does the job pay?
Michael: $12 an hour. I'm rollin in the clintons.
by rip XN May 11, 2008
Former president of the United States.
I didn't like Clinton much when he was president, but now that we have this asshole Bush, I really miss him.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 20, 2005

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