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Wicked in the extreme, heinous
The crimes he committed were nefarious in nature.
by Chadwin March 16, 2003
extremely wicked
used to intensify the expression of wicked as an adjective
You are nefarious cool.
by ?? June 17, 2004
A word used to describe activities and deeds that are evil wicked and odious.
The world was shocked to learn of the nefarious activities of Ian Brady and Myra hindley, which came to light in October 1965.They came to be known as the 'Moors Murderers'.
by Inja September 06, 2006
A no-life coder who has nothing better to do that code detected crypters.
Guy 1: Hey whos that kid that licks fogles ass?

Guy 2: Oh, you mean Nefarious?

Guy 3: Yeah, that faggot.
by 187ci Clan Member August 06, 2009
Extremely harmful or destructive.
Can someone enumerate all the processes running on this server and find out if one of them might be nefarious?
by Mures May 26, 2005
The act of getting raged easilly, a person who is scared of everything and anything and easilly gets raged
Guy: Hey jacob your a noob
by bogey3 July 05, 2009
When a person grabs a dead seagull, and squeezes the fart out of it.
Little Billy performed a nefarious act at the playground.
by King of Nefaria April 14, 2007
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