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The air space at a public urinal that your dick is in when you piss; therefore your dick enters the same dick air as the person who was there before you. This would necessarily mean that some heretofore unknown airborne vd could land on your willy.
Dude, Bruce just left the bathroom and I had to go, so I was in his dick air! He better be clean, man.
by catcherholic March 09, 2011
The act of willingly or inadvertingly watching someone urinate.
(1) I was in the men's room at the urinals and this guy looked over the partition at my package when I was pissing. He was voyeurinating me!
(2) I didn't mean to be voyeurinating-but in the men's room this guy was pissing, and he had both hands on his hips and was looking straight at the ceiling. Weird!
by catcherholic June 13, 2013
The worst smelling poop in history, can only be likened to what the Donner Party shit after they ate their kin.
"Man I was in the rest room and someone musta took a huge donner in there!"
by catcherholic January 05, 2014

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