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3 definitions by GauchoNica

A Russian Gigolo. Usually a male; tall, dark and handsome; one with who women want to sleep with.
Xenia: Man that guy is a total Alfonso
Lyuda: Definitely!
by GauchoNica January 30, 2008
369 172
1. A country in Central America where a Nutbag took control in the late 70's and again in 2006.
2. A country in Central America where Communism took a dump on and is still attempting to take further down the shit-hole.
3. A country that, if it wasn't for earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, a Nutbag, Communism and Socialism, would be a nice place to live in.
(1) Efren: "Where did that Nutbag take over again?"
Juan: "Nicaragua."
by GauchoNica January 30, 2008
172 94
1. A piece of shit president who flew on the wings of his conservative predecessors.
2. Should be blamed for 9/11 for Dereliction of Duty.
3. The liberal loon who will take charge after the hard work Conservatives did.
(1) Person A: Mike you have to finish those reports if not someone else will face the consequences."
Mike: I'll Clinton myself through it, don't worry.
by GauchoNica January 30, 2008
41 83