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yo check out that big booty son!
by shammy August 19, 2003
when something is bad, sometimes very bad, sometimes very very bad, sometimes very very very bad
yo man that shit is tragic, i mean that is so BAD, thats some cold shit
by shammy July 27, 2003
Definition: A mini game called "Footmen Frenzy" on Warcraft III for the PC. The only one that was ever good was NoHunter versions.
"Lets play some foots and kick some ass"
by Shammy November 21, 2004
When something is happening, did happen, was said, that makes no sense and you are confused and it must end. Often accompanied with the motion of clicking a remote.
Zach: Did you see the pre-show free show freak show?

Sam: Yeah, "click!"
by Shammy August 26, 2003

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