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Bad ass bald headed biker dude, with a strong addiction to females but mostly there vaginas. Someone who would rather do away with the life support of the vagina and deal strictly with the vagina. Chocolate or Vanilla the flavor doesn't matter to him as long as its warm with a pulse. A heavy drinker sometimes starting at the break of dawn with a bloody mary breakfast. Sometimes socially awkward in crowds as annebriation takes over his critical thinking skills. Commonly referred to as sky crane.
Dude I just had 6 shots of jager I'm fucking click as fuck right now.
Seriously man calm down your Clicking out right now!
I need you to be my click and go after her fat friend.
by spicewhizzle February 03, 2010
a giant raging godzilla bitch who's mood swings like the hammer of thor. The only person who can have a bad time at a theme park in turn ruining everyone elses time. Overly opinionated who's ears drown out the sound of reason and the opinions of others. The only "Good" driver on the road. Presents a nice appearance in public and to your face but as soon as you turn your back, stands ready with a big Conan of a sword to stab you with. Latin- Collossus labiaus, or collosal cunt.
Sarah Palin is a giant Kara when she is on the rag.
Man your a f--kin kara when you wake up.
Ol' Dale is a dern tootin Kara on the track.
by spicewhizzle February 03, 2010

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