A clit lick.

The equivalent of a blow job for girls.

Another way to say getting head, getting face, being eaten out, for women since it combines "clit + lick" into click.
Girl says, "wow I want a click"

Oh click me, oh yeah

God I want that guy to click me all night.
by Master Clicker June 05, 2010
1. A misspelling of the word Cliques.

2. Pictures taken on a digital camera.
1. High Schools are a breeding ground for cliques such as the goth, emo, skater, and prep cliques.

2. My camera has 23,483 clicks on the shutter.
by kyebosh June 25, 2006
To find success. To evolve. To become bigger-better-larger. To snap. To leap-forward.
The movie clicks.

I felt I was about to click.
by ILoveMyMind April 09, 2010
A word used to end a phone call instead of saying goodbye. Mainly used during informal phone calls.
John: I'll talk to you later.

Jake: Click *ends phone call*
by Snake Eyes IV February 14, 2010
To be aroused.
That girl winked at me and made me "click"
by MC TETSUO February 13, 2014
in the respective of having a very close relationship with friends, couples or family
or more likely when a couple is known to have found something in common, a close relationship, love, sex, chemistry
one matter for another together.
they share a click with one another
we have met for the first time and i think we had a click!
i think this relationship click's, its clicking! :)
by radomizer November 05, 2007
A hilarious mispronunciation of the word clit. Generally used by dumb mexican/peurto riccan girls, or even dumber white girls who think they are of latin decent.
A click? Isn't that like...a piece of your pussy?
by Mr. Baldwin June 24, 2010

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