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One of the best cult classic movies of the 1990s. Clerks was written and directed by Kevin Smith, and was released in late 1994.
In my opinion, Randal is the funniest character in Clerks.

Randal: Have you ever wondered how much the average jizz-mopper makes per hour?

Dante: What's a jizz-mopper?

Randal: He's the guy that cleans up the nudie booth after each guy jerks off.
by Qbert May 15, 2004
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A low budget movie that made its way into mainstreem popularity and untimately became a cult classic. Go out and watch this movie right now.
by Mike Truitt June 11, 2003
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tHis is byfar one of the best Kevin Smith movies.
by FhillyMan September 09, 2003
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either: the movie in which the comedy duo jay and silent bob were born,

or a sad depressed individual who hates his life and makes up for it by using what limited power he has to ruin other people's
as in : clerks is a kick-ass movie

" man that clerk at the counter is such a ass-cock muncher"
by head of penguinisation May 12, 2004
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A great underground cult classic directed by Kevin Smith. It's the best film he's made by far. But Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a close second. It was a low-budget film released in 1994 and was one of the best films of that decade.
Classic Clerks Moment....

Customer: Cute cat, what's it's name?
Randal: Annoying Customer.
Customer Fucking dick.
by ScreaminIdiot August 18, 2006
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the best fucking movie in the world,its about a store clerk that had a shitty day
by JeVoNeR September 16, 2003
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A very funny movie directed by Kevin Smith (silent bob).
DANTE: My girlfriend sucked 37 DICKS!!!!
RANDAL: In a ROW?! (classic clerks line)

Jay: fuckfuckfuckfuck motha motha FUCK! motha motha fuck fuck motha fuck motha fuck noinsh noinsh noinsh! shmokin weed shomkin wiz, doing drugs makin biz...(etc)
by mreva03 December 11, 2005
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