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A very funny movie that had a very funny television cartoon based on it that unfortunately got cancelled.
GO buy the Clerks movie and the TV show DVD collection, both rock.
by Murdoc June 09, 2004
a person who uses l337
that l337ard called me a jew
by Murdoc August 09, 2004
A person who is fighting for, or enforcing the will of a generic sometimes non-existant cause.

The background of this word is me, Murdoc, who is the original Hammer of The Cause.
"Murdoc takes care of the common man, he is The Hammer of The Cause."
by Murdoc June 03, 2004
Swahili for 'my friend'
'ahh askari sambo'

ahh my soldier friend.
by Murdoc November 08, 2003
the tacos you eat, usually at pokey's house after smoking a blunt or two.
after smoking a blunt or two, pokey slapped llama and told him to make tacos for everyone.
by murdoc January 06, 2004

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