A hill-billy, or a scruffy uneducated person.
"We live next door to the Clampits"
by Lee Tatlock February 05, 2004
Ass-backward redneck white people; usu. used by African-Americans when refering to same.
...but I only brought 'em 5 and stuck his ass for 3...do you think that clampit 'd sick his goons on me?
by crazymike December 13, 2004
to tell someone to shut there mouth.
guy - 'hahaha check the nick of youu!'

girl - 'haha clamp it you, more like check the nick of you.'
by andrearfc, x March 23, 2011
A person that is born with more than one head and has one clamped off.
Did you know that Billy is a clampit.
by Alex November 23, 2004

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