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screw you
can work as a comeback to almost anything.
susie: i had a great day (:
stephen: k
susie: sy

stephen: i broke your guitar
susie: SY!!
by desperateforacceptance November 03, 2011
"syrian jew"; a jewish person of jewish syrian descent. the large syrian community in the great NY area is known to be tight knit, yet at the same time, known in the area to be very hospitable and charitable to those in need. Some of their services include SAFE (for substance abuse and addcitions), SBH (a multi-network of social work), Sephardic Food fund (providing food to the needy), Sephardic Angel fund (helping people get jobs, and helping failing business with advice and coaching them to success) amoung other things.
Brooklyn is the heart of the SY community.
by brooklynite August 30, 2006
Suffix added to the end of almost every word. Used mostly by 40 year women talking to their children and/or dogs, or drunken college whores in a desperate attempt to sound more cute, less riddled with STDs and premature, substance induced age.
Ok, who wants napies?

Who's got tired little legsies?
by Ihateyouallsomuch July 08, 2005

Dialect of UnaRocks added to the end of various words for no particular reason.

'Sies disease' is the propensity to become addicted to the suffix 'sies'
That car is awesome, wantsies!

I'm so hungoversies today

Would you like to go for some drinksies this evening?

I have the sies disease so badsies
by UnaRocks December 13, 2007
An extremely sexy man from Harlem. HE is the man,the myth, and the legend. gifted with super intelligence and an awesome sex game. best known for screwing your chick.
YO cuff ya chick sy is on his way over....
by sexyazzbiatch October 02, 2011
A mint hardcore DJ who is mint
Sy & Unknown are mixin tonight!
Bloody hell!
by J January 11, 2005
A Pimp ass mother fucker who owns bitches in different area codes
Man, after tonight i feel like a real sy.
by WelcomeToTheRiceFields May 26, 2016
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