1,n. Part of the word; Ciscowhip, 2 cat5e's and a coax cable wrapped up to beat little children that cant understand the meaning of the non exsistence of the OSI model, Cause we all know what that one means, I mean come on.
2,v. CISCO BOOK also know as 1337 c1b0 hacks(word was formed when the person wrapped a paper around a pen and the only thing you saw was CI from cisco and BO from book.), come to be as mad telneting of routers and reloading them when people are trying to work on them.

(n)Yo, define those acronyms, or you will be whipped with the cisco whip biatch

::router reloads out of no-where::
Yea that was definately some 1337 cibo hacks man...
by ESB September 30, 2005
n., The art of fixng a pc's so they don't blow up when you connect them to each other.
Cisco Sucks $%%. It is an example how bad the pc would sucks.
by Bigg Boy September 12, 2005

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