3 humps... wow!!!!

"Fibulator is such a three pump chump !"
by Owned April 07, 2005
basically a cocksucker
Davis Love III,
by E Peez April 25, 2004
it means your a biach
fuckin chump
by rzzs May 06, 2003
Nickname for a particular type of person that makes you laugh and makes you wish you could shrink them into your hands and carry them around all day.
Hey, chump! Get over here, so I can pet you and feed you while you tell me funny stories all night.
by ChumpToChump January 08, 2015
Easily fooled person who usually sleeps in way too much and consumes a ridiculous amount of food. Extremely lazy and /thinks/ is cool but is really 100% chump material. Goes for terrible teams like AFA instead of CBF, is very likely to steal someone's netflix account, claims to be good at things like coding and cookie decorating, and manages to break about 30 phones in less than a year.

Daily activities include but are not limited to: texting for hours, eating too much, occasionally seeing the sun, watching TV, sleeping
Bro 1: Dude, did you see Bri eat that whole bag of pretzels in the back of class?

Bro 2: I know right? What a chump. She can't even code.
by Sigabiz December 26, 2014

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