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The combination of the word cuddle and chubby and is used when two fat people are cuddling.
Chubby girl: Hey, chubby boy, lets chuddle!
Chubby boy: Okay
by c3ks May 18, 2009
1.) noun- The collective noun to describe a collection of Douchebags. (See also: Bag of Douche)
2.) noun- A vibrating sex toy bearing resemblance to a 18-24 year old man wearing Ed Hardy and a backwards baseball cap.
When I was in Miami, I stumbled upon the largest, most majestic chuddle of douchebags I've ever witnessed.

I went to the Playboy store and got the newest chuddle. It's very satisfying, but a trifle bit painful.
by Alornia August 25, 2010
When a penis is really fat at one part and a needle dick at the other.
Wow that guy has such a chuddle.
by Ardy May 12, 2008