a guy who is a cutie , flirts with you until you fall for him, plays games with you ,then breaks your heart! every girl loves him ! he is hispanic with amazing eyes and a tall dude! he is super nice now! is often called by captain crunch ! knows how to make water drop noises, is kinda funny but gets annoying with those chicken butt jokes. was once in a relationship this ugly chick who looks like a man ! and well thats it !
chris to pher : "Guess What?"
Person 1 : "...what?"
chris to pher : "Chicken Butt!!! XD"
by david did this October 17, 2010
Christophers love Ashleys more. This is an axiom and cannot, under ANY circumstances, be disputed.
Christopher? Oh, yeah. He DEFINITELY loves Ashley more. I saw it in a book somewhere.
by AVeryVeryVeryReliableSource November 23, 2011
Chris's are nerds, love WOW, likes weed, philosophy, reading, fantasy, cupcakes, girls, money, japan
Hey Christopher, wanna play WOW while stoned
by kistel June 19, 2011
An amazing Kid who will make you laugh so much you want to cry. He has a tendency to wipe his tears, snot and spit on you. But through all of that he is someone who you want to love. & them to love you back. He will be the comfort you have always been looking for. He is the soft place for you to land. He will love everything you do for him. He is himself and he accepts you for you. Nothing changes with him. Plus if you catch the right one, he will be cuban and look like nick jonas. How amazing!? Now go find one!
yeah playa playa, I want to holla at Christopher"
by goodnite November 14, 2010
Christopher is one bad ass mofoooo .... he lives in a shoe at the bottom of ur garden .... he likes to abuse shelleys coz they cant dress themslves for toffee! he will hurt you. hardcore. but he is hung.
"ooooooooo tht shoe must have a christopher in it"

"jimineyyy cricket heee is hung lik a christopher
by Smisha October 07, 2010
A man that will be too scared to pursue you first so you'll have to go after him and THEN pay for him on every so called date you go on. Christopher's don't have cars or money, but they always seem to conveniently have weed on them. Christopher's never call their girlfriends, even on their birthdays and anniversaries unless they are forced. A christopher will make you fall in love with him, and then he will take your heart and walk all over it and make you cry for weeks!!!!!!! Somehow, Christopher's are smooth talking mother f*****'s that will convince you to continue dating them after they pull all of that BS on you. It's unknown whether Christopher's cheat or not. Christopher's are sneaky as hell!!
HOWEVER on a nicer aspect, Christopher's have a dark seductive look to them. Christopher's usually have intense eyes and dark brown hair. Some Christopher's are even amazing in bed. Usually they tend to be intelligent, but obviously not with the ladies.
Who's that guy that's dating the super hot chick?
Oh.. That's Christopher.
That Christopher totally doesn't deserve her!

Did you hear about what Christopher said to his girlfriend the other day?
No what did he say?!
Christopher said he was only dating her so he could have sex with her!
Wow what a jerk!
by Megan Foxy December 05, 2010
also known as chris.

he is a short-ish asian guy with a HUGE ego. he likes drinking and getting people drunk.. sometimes to a point where they pass out or throw up. or both.

he also likes younger girls. and by younger, i mean WAY younger.. we're talking high school. beware, school girls in short skirts! he gon' find you.
who got you drunk last night?
oh, i thought so... he did the same thing to me.
by theeepescatarian December 17, 2010

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