A guy who always seems cool, but inside is confused about his feelings. Help him out a bit. Also, who am i kidding, Chris's are just plain awesome.
Hi Christopher
by The Chrispy Chicken August 03, 2009
are fat borderline retarded with small penises tries to get girls but fails.
I'm like Christopher i have more chins than a Chinese phone book and more rolls than an Italian bakery
by Ashley Baggs July 13, 2012
A dumb pothead, drunk-ass mother fucker, who goes out on the street at late night fucking women getting Aids and shit. Negro wannabe.
Girl 1: Did you see Christopher?
Girl 2: Yeah, he was one drunk-ass pothead.
Girl 1: He was such a douche I wanted it $70 he didn't fuck me.
Girl 2: What an ass.
by noH0mO February 20, 2011
a man that has an extremely large penis and doesnt look like gary coleman, and infact i do wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy thank you ke$ha. Thank you Kanye for making Tayolr Swift pissed and thank you for all the work lil wayne, which he has a little wayne. and fuck all the bitches that are assholes, hey kelsey
by BigMan94 February 24, 2010
Usually a charming man, but with rather perverted intent. He may seem simple minded, but hes really analyzing ways to seduce you. Hes not athletic, but hes competative. Chances are he spends more time playing dugeons and dragons then on facebook.
" That guy i went out with was really nice, but a total christopher."
" Yeah, he probably lives in his moms basement!"
by sweetblueeyes February 05, 2010
1) The type of man who will fuck another man up the ass without the common courtesy of giving him a reach-around.

2) The act of ejaculating into one's hand and drinking the semen to quench thirst.
1) Man 1: I was having sex with John and he pulled a Christopher.
Man 2: What a jerk.

2) Man, I'm so thirsty, I could Chris.
by Jerry520 February 14, 2010
The name derives from the Greek term meaning "bearing Christ inside". He shares his name with Christopher Columbus and the dude on family guy who is terrified of the agro monkey in his room. He is a top notch smart ass and a great friend.
random1: hey who is that dude over there?
random2: oh yeah that's Christopher. He's maximum cool
by Aunt Pearl October 23, 2009

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